Thirsty Thursday: Fun Ways to Drink More Water!


Water is a subject that hits a nerve with some people. UGH! I hate water! It’s so boring to drink or it’s hard for me to drink plain water. I hate having to go to the bathroom so often. There are hundreds of excuses people make on why they don’t drink enough water. I personally love to drink water. I always drink at least half a gallon daily.


If none of this convinces you to drink more water, then nothing will. It seems obvious to me your body needs water. Seeing how almost 3/4 of your body is made up body then you really need to replenish your body on a daily basis. So you really hate to drink water but you can do more than just drink plain old boring water.

Add lemon slices, cucumber, ginger or fruit. You can either just slice it up and put it in your glass of water or use a Water Infuser Bottle or Water Infuser Pitcher! It’s super easy to use and will add some tasty flavor to your water.

You can also eat your water. Eat water soluble vegetables such as: cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, watermelon, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, grapefruit, apricots, cherries, grapes, and zucchini. Even broths and water based soups would help hydrate your body.

Also, you can keep a bottle of water with you during the day to sip on. I fill up my tumbler and drink it throughout the day. One last thought. How much water should you drink? Most health professionals agree on 1/2 your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 120 pounds then 60 ounces, but some also agree everyone should strive to drink at least 64 ounces or half a gallon. If you weigh more than 240 pounds, then I would aim for a gallon of water. Starting with at least 8 glasses of 8oz daily is a great start especially if you are only drinking 1-2 glasses now.

Water really isn’t horrible and it’s quite refreshing. I enjoy drinking my water and I feel much better after drinking that first glass first thing in the morning.

My Top 10 FREE Fitness Apps for iPhone & Andriod


My Top 10 FREE Fitness Apps for iPhone & Andriod

Today’s fitness blogging challenge is to post my favorite fitness apps. I included a list of my favorite 10 FREE Fitness apps for both the iPhone and Android or iPad. These are apps that I use daily or regularly and again all of these are FREE! These are not listed in any particular order. Some of these apps are a little more than just fitness but also health and wellness. I included a fun one to help train your brain as it also needs to exercise and not just your body. Let me know which one is your favorite.

1) MyFitnessPal: is a very popular app that many like to use to track your food. It is a great app that I do use not so much for counting calories but it keeps me accountable and is a great food journal. never been easier thanks to this robust app. It has an extensive list of foods you can add and you can also scan a upc code if you can’t find a particular food. It also allows you to input recipes you make from scratch and save them. iOS and Android

2) Water Your Body: This app helps you track your daily water intake. So many of us do not drink enough water daily so this is a great app to help you keep up. Track your daily water consumption in an intuitive way, and because not everyone needs to drink the same amount, it is designed specifically for you. iOS and Android

3) C25K: This app is perfect for beginners who want to train for their first 5K. It is an eight-week training plan which starts out slow with alternating walking and running. It will work you up to an advanced level. This app is perfect for even busy people. iOS and Android

4) MapMyFitness: This app has tracking activities and you can log your food. You can set challenges for yourself and friends. iOS and Android

5) Nike+ Training Club: The app has more than 100 workouts all designed by Nike master trainers and for people of all fitness levels. Just select your specific fitness goal (do you want to get lean, toned, strong, or focused) and follow the workout plans and they do have built-in rest days. iOS and Android

6) HealthyOut: Do you have trouble finding healthy options for dining out? Then HealthyOut App can help. Put in your address and you can even add filters like dietary restrictions, cuisine, ingredients, or even what type of dish you are looking for. Then the app will list all the available restaurants near you and it even notes the healthiest food on the menu. iOS and Android

7) ShopWell: This app helps you to take out the mystery of nutrition labels. App users can create personal profiles with your age, gender, health goals, any dietary restrictions you have or if you only want items that are gluten-free for example. While you are the store, then just scan the barcode. The app then gives that item a score. Low scores are foods you want to avoid while higher rated foods are the ones you want to buy. 100 is the top score meaning perfect. iOS and Android

8) Lumosity: This app is perfect for exercising our brains. It has lots of fun games that can help improve memory, attention span and even problem solving. iOS and Android

9) Sleep Bug: This app is great for people who have a lot of noise or trouble falling asleep. Some people can’t sleep if it’s too quiet and need a little white noise. Sleep Bug is your new white noise machine. Listen to sounds of the beach, a zen garden, or perhaps you like the noises of a jungle. You can even customize your app by adding on rain or the sounds of whales. iOS and Android

10) Charity Miles: This is a wonderful app that allows you to earn money for lots of different charities. Charity Miles donates 10¢ for every mile biked and 25¢ for every mile walked or ran with the help of corporate sponsors. Being fit is important but it’s amazing when you can get fit while helping charity! iOS and Android

November Fitness Challenge: Motivational Quotes #mondaymotivation


Today’s challenge is to post 5 motivational quotes. I picked these quotes as they do inspire me and remind me that I am in charge of my life and how I chose to live it. I’m only human so I do make mistakes. As long as you learn from your mistakes, then you are making progress. The trick is to stop making these same mistakes over and over. I make excuses like so many of us do, but I like reading these quotes as they help to keep me accountable for my actions and the choices I make. The first one is one I try to live by on a daily basis. Each day will not be good, but it’s a great reminder to always count your blessings. I am thankful for my health, my family, my house, and many more. The true key to success is to remember how blessed you are even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have had many trials and tribulations in my life but I always remember how much I do have to be thankful for.


This is one I also remind myself that I am not dieting but changing my eating habits and lifestyle permanently. It’s not a race either so I am trying to pace myself and each small step is a success to my overall goal of being healthier. stopgivingup

These last two quotes are so true for  as I battle anxiety so I do have to push myself out of my comfort zone. I went to Colorado this May with my husband and visited my best friend who lives in Vail Valley. I have never been to the mountains so I was shocked that she literally lived in the mountains. It was an amazing experience but also scary for me at the same time. I didn’t have a chance to go skiing as it was May, but I did a little bit of hiking and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully next year. If I hadn’t pushed out of my comfort zone, then I would have missed a wonderful trip and to see the Rocky Mountains. That is a memory I will never forget.

confined-walls comfortzone Did any of those quotes inspire you? What is your favorite motivational quote or words you live by?