My First Weight Loss Baby Step- Quit Drinking Soft Drinks!


Trying to lose a lot of weight can seem very daunting especially if you have tried several programs already. Either it was too strict like Atkins which doesn’t seem like a long term solution to me or you gained more weight doing a low fat diet which is too high in starchy carbs. Instead I decided to lose weight by taking baby steps. Making one small dietary change until it became a habit. Then I would add another small change, and another, until I was completely changing my lifestyle. It is much easier to stick with baby steps as you aren’t doing it all at once.

The first step I took was to quit drinking all soft drinks. Instead of soft drinks with my meals, I switched to regular iced tea. I don’t believe in artificial sweeteners so I used regular sugar but much less of it. I would make a gallon of tea and add a 1/2 cup of sugar. That wasn’t very sweet at all. I also increased my water intake. I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself. The best part was I started saving money by not spending $40-50 a month on soft drinks. Making a couple of gallons a tea weekly is so much cheaper. I was spending about $5 a month on tea and sugar. I did wean myself off the sugar by decreasing how much sugar I added. Once I got used to the 1/2 cup then I cut it down to a 1/4 cup. After a couple of months, I stopped using all sugar and drank it black. I just squeeze a little lemon juice in it which helps. If I eat out, then I either order iced water or unsweet tea with lemon.

I did drink it every so often in the last 2-3 years, but as of last year I kicked the habit completely and still haven’t had one in a year. Now I drink iced green tea and no sugar. I don’t even add lemon. You get used to the taste and I prefer it. I really love drinking green tea. Green tea and white are so beneficial for your health. They detox your body and have antioxidants among other healthy benefits like helping to rid your body of belly fat. There are numerous studies on this subject, but most show you have to consume at least 4-5 cups of 6oz daily. I do drink 24 oz of either one preferably after a meal. It cuts any sugar craving I might get, and green/white teas also help with digestion.

The best part was I lost 6 pounds in 10 days by not drinking soft drinks. That gave me great motivation to continue losing weight. The main reason I quit drinking soft drinks was for health reasons. I was suffering from heartburn on a daily basis. I kept thinking it was the red sauces, but once I quit drinking cokes, then my heartburn went away. It was amazing! Many people will drink diet drinks since it has no calories, but it still has all those awful ingredients, fake sweeteners and colors. Most people know that coke will eat away acid on a car battery. Well imagine what those same drinks are doing to your insides? Many people drink 2-3 a day! I find it quite scary, and that just reinforced my desire to quit drinking them. It’s a major step that many people feel that they can’t do it. I will say not only will your body thank you but so will your pocket book.

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